James Picard Presents

The Dark & The Wounded


May, 5th, 2015


World’s Most Notorious Prison to Host Ground-Breaking Art

The Dark and the Wounded, the newest series from Canadian artist James Picard, will kick off its global tour on May 5 in San Francisco at Alcatraz Prison.

The Dark and The Wounded is an experiential art show that travels to the world’s most troubled and controversial places. This multimedia event features paintings by Picard, along with a custom soundscape designed by world-renowned composer Jeff Danna. It will be filmed for a documentary, which will be released in late 2016.

“This exhibit is too unbelievable to tally up in words,” said Johnathan Robe, visitor to The Dark and The Wounded. “All I have to say is… Go see it. You cannot afford to miss it. And I myself am looking forward to the next one.”


Picard’s paintings bring loss, pain and suffering to center stage in earnest hope that in addressing them, viewers may find clarity and even healing.

In this spirit, Alcatraz Prison is a significant location. Alcatraz is most well-known as one of the world’s most infamous federal prisons, housing hundreds of criminals, mobsters, murderers and thieves.

The conversation surrounding prison systems in the US is one overshadowed by pain and suffering, from the administration to the prisoners and, of course, the victims. Picard’s paintings acknowledge that hardship in a way that is both sensitive and unflinching.


In a way, The Dark and The Wounded gives a voice to all of those who were incarcerated in America’s most notorious prison, as well as those who were affected by their crimes and imprisonment.

The Dark and The Wounded will be a once-in-a-lifetime art experience. Few other creatives have been allowed access to transform Alcatraz in such a radical way; Ai Wei Wei, the Chinese activist and dissident, is the only other artist in recent memory to be allowed access.

Due to space limitations, tickets and press access will be very limited. Art collectors and other interested parties should email artsales@picardstudios.ca for more information about availability and private viewings. Members of the media, please email press@picardstudios.ca.


James Picard is a world-renowned painter, drawing critical acclaim for his unique ability to excel in a range of artistic styles. Picard, 51, lives and works in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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