About James Picard

James Picard, Riverview HospitalJames Picard is absolutely in love with art. Keenly aware that every minute counts, James works feverishly, seizing every opportunity to create the vivid and striking images his mind conjures up.

In “James Picard: Off the Canvas,” a documentary film about the artist, Picard describes how, as a young boy, he often drew on the backs of cupboard doors or under the sheets by flashlight in order to hide his compulsion for creating, as he grew up with little support for his talent. Despite that fact, he knew from a young age that art would be his path. At the age of eighteen, his tenacity and talents drew him to prestigious art schools such as Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art where he began formal studies to develop his raw artistic talent.

Eager to continue further artistic development after art school, he began to associate with artists such as William Ronald, Joyce Weiland, and Jack Shadbolt. He apprenticed for Cuban artist Ramon Amor, Canadian sculptor Thaddeus Szpelowitz, and the notable Canadian artist Harold Town. Town commented that Picard’s talent is “rare in the art world”. Through the support of his teachers, Picard learned how to convey his messages and visions into any art form. His talents flourished.

Picard has exhibited extensively in over one hundred art shows throughout North America and Europe. He had the rare privilege of painting live with renowned composer George Blondheim and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. His work, prized by an ever growing number of collectors, can be seen in both public and private collections across Canada, the United States, London, Paris, Japan, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Picard’s work has elevated to such a high degree that it is has been exhibited next to world renowned art legends such as Picasso, Matisse, Miro, and Warhol.

When James Picard is not painting, he is teaching others how to paint. Whether it is in Vancouver or New York, his talents for teaching painting, drawing, and sculpting are recognized and well respected. He has received many awards and accolades for his work and for his contributions to communities and charities throughout North America. He has been commended for his work with both hospitalized and inner city kids and for starting up the first sculpture class in the province of British Columbia for visually impaired students. Picard is an extraordinarily talented artist with a big heart whose passion enriches our world.